Online Banner ad campaigns or Online Display Ad is graphical promotion of services or products via Web advertising units. These advertising units are known as Banner advertising. Advertising images are displayed across various pages of the website (also known as a web-based Writer) or on the network of high traffic writer internet sites (also known as as Writer Network). A marketer are able to place his Banner advertising on category specific writer internet sites that attract visitors who are curious about what you’re offering or on ‘All Categories’ known as RON (Operate On Network). The normal size a advertising measures 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall (i.e. 468×60). Most used Advertising sizes are 350×200 (known as Large rectangle), 728×90 (known as Leaderboard), 120×600 (known as Skyscraper) and 160×600 (known as Wide Skyscraper). For more information on ad placement and size options, tag formats, etc., please make reference to the Ad Specifications & Guidelines page. Internet banner ad campaigns comes with an edge over announcement placements in traditional newspaper print, television ads, and junk mail – they provide online users instant gratification by providing them the opportunity to immediately “click onInch either to your web business profile or straight to your offer to ensure they are find out more about that which you have available on their behalf.

5 Advantages of Advertising Campaign:

1. Targeted Banner Ad Campaigns Brings Quality Traffic at a lower price

Experienced online marketers know how difficult it may be to obtain the necessary exposure of the e-commerce site / direct purports to a real targeted customer. With this particular goal in your mind, Online Publishers offer various ad-sizes, cost models as well as in ever inventive ad formats. All come up with aiming to offer the preferred campaign, advertisers can go for most cost-effective Online banner ad campaigns rates and packages that deliver true targeted prospects to your website in the cheapest possible cost.

2. Launch and keep your company name or brand.

Using a similar feel and look for Display Ads that you simply being an internet marketer use for the other business related materials, you may use these ads to strengthen the look of the company to potential customers. Whether or not the prospect doesn’t click the advertising, they’re still uncovered for your company emblem, announcement, and company image. This solves the purpose and also the basics of advertising or marketing services or products offer, that’s, constant reinforcement of the product, service or offer towards the targeted segment by making use of company trademarks, colors and product names inside your banner advertising. This can improve your brand image and turn into inside your viewers’ minds, that will increase the value of users’ search behavior inside your market segment. Rather of trying to find the merchandise or Services, users will key in your brand into the Internet search engine to get at you. Studies have demonstrated that using Display Media together with search inside your web marketing strategy boosts Roi by 22%.

3. Provides you with the opportunity to measure results.

Let’s explain this with the aid of a good example. Writer Network as described above is really a network of numerous writer websites. To keep the ads on hundreds and maybe thousands of web sites, a network should have an excellent ad-serving technology, that also generates numerous ad performance tracking options. This ad-serving technology offers an administration panel which captures not just visitors on the ad however their actions around the ad too. This information is then pointless to state when analyzes gives extensive know what about 1) Audience action patterns around the ads 2) Which ad size works more effectively 3) that geography the responses tend to be more 4) overview of which ad placements direct probably the most people to the sale website and so forth. Essentially we all know how effective our campaign is. If this understanding is obtainable a Writer Network ad-operations team helps advertiser tweak his offers and ad placements to enhance rate of conversion. Traditional media however is much more mass oriented but lacks the opportunity to measure performance the way in which New media can and therefore this insight.

4. Stretches your advertising budget.

By isn’t it about time be believing that digital media (Internet Marketing or New Media) is much more efficient when it comes to reaching towards the audience than other kinds of traditional direct advertising, including radio, TV, newspaper ads, and junk mail. So let’s also provide you with a bonus information which it is also a lot more economical too. Internet marketing, typically, banner advertising are less expensive to create and run. Additionally, they frequently attract a far more precise audience when compared with conventional advertising methods. Internet marketing being so different and ever-altering, Display banner advertising have experienced probably the most because the birth of internetOrElectronic media, still it holds the most important place.

5. Generates highly qualified prospects. It’s all about staying at right place at proper time. An advertisement network technology offers Advertising Solutions that may define geographic, demographic, vertical and lots of other technical targeting parameters in position so that our ads get uncovered towards the best audience by strategically placing banner advertising online which are consistent with exactly what the offers are. For example, expensive hotels or Air travel carrier business can show their travel package ad on Travel sites or perhaps an office supply store can advertise on business related internet sites. Whenever a user clicks our advertising, there’s a powerful chance that she or he will want to consider just what you’re offering. Consequently, you obtain access to highly targeted prospects.