Plenty of companies are available to cater to your airport investor needs. It is important to engage a suitable company among the many choices that live up to your expectations. As one of the top airport operators and investors in the world, Changi Airports International has left its mark on over 50 airports in more than 20 countries.

CAI combines the expertise gained from the development of Singapore Changi Airport, with its own experience across multiple geographies and airport assets to provide value-add for its investments. With an integrated platform, deep industry knowledge and an ability to foster strong partnerships, CAI has the capability to execute a wide range of airport projects.

More About CAI?

Changi Airports International has been the leading consultant investor and manager for the global aviation market. The company has been in charge of numerous airports across the world. They believe airports to be an integral aspect of the nation’s infrastructure and are intricately linked to the economic development and growth of the country. Undertaking the role of a strategic partner and an experienced airport manager, Changi Airports International aims to design integrated solutions that would enable its partners and clients to fulfil their potential of becoming the best airports in the world.

Investments made by CAI

CAI strives to be the best in airport and infrastructure management and development for companies in the business of moving passengers, cargo, or freight.  They are dedicated in acquiring and building airports and infrastructure projects that are operationally-efficient, cost-effective and easily expandable. Changi Airports International has been deeply involved at all levels of various kinds of asset management in order to create a world class experience.