Double ferrule tube fittings

You will find 3 primary mechanical means of connecting two lengths of tube together.

Flared fittings – in which the finish from the tube is flared having a oral appliance then contained inside a nut, sleeve and the body.

Single ferrule fittings – in which the ends from the tube are put right into a fitting having a single compression ring, an appearance and nut.

Double ferrule fittings – in which the ends from the tube are put right into a fitting with two separate compression rings, body and nut. (Also referred to as the dual ferrule fitting, this isn’t strictly correct because the two rings have different shape and length.)

For that purposes want to know , the main focus is going to be around the double ferrule fitting.

This kind of fitting, like several others, has one fundamental function. To safely join tubes together inside a safe, seal tight set up. Close tolerance machining on top quality CNC machines enables for consistent manufacture of all components.

The double ferrule fitting is able to lock to the tube having a ‘double bite’ feature. Each ring bites to the tube giving two separate sealing areas. This kind of fitting achieves this without transmitting torque or twisting the tube making certain the tube doesn’t become ‘stressed’. Therefore, the mechanical qualities from the tube are maintained. An additional sealing point occurs at the end from the tube abutment. The abutment comes with an position that the tube needs into once the rings bite and drive the tube forward.

With stainless fittings the issue of galling is resolved through silver plating. The interior areas of the nut would be the only areas which are plated.

Materials for example high Nickel alloys, hot temperature alloys, duplex and super-duplex’s are coated by having an anti-gall agent in the same manner. However, Molybdenum Disulphide can be used an alternate. This stuff are selected to become suitable for the fluid media contained within them. For chemical stability the perfect scenario is that both tube and fittings are produced from exactly the same material type.

You will find strict set up instructions to follow along with with this particular product type. The rule claims that for almost all sizes 1-1/4 rotations from the nut, in the finger tight position, can give the right seal tight set up. It’s allowable to help ‘snug’ the fitting if your minor leak seems however this is generally unnecessary.

When use of any product is needed these fittings offer an excellent ‘break-in’ point. The joint can be created and re-made many occasions over without lack of sealing integrity, supplying the right installation instructions are adopted.

The effectiveness of the fitting is really the tube contained will burst prior to the fitting shows any manifestation of a leak or movement. This really is susceptible to certain constraints on your wall thickness from the tube. When the wall is simply too heavy the rings won’t bite too, as once the tube wall is simply too thin, the tube will collapse instead of permit the rings to bite fully. Mention of manufacturers’ product information ought to be produced in all instances. The tube should have a hardness of a maximum of 80 around the Rockwell ‘B’ scale.

There are a variety of manufacturers of the product type all over the world plus they generally retain the term ‘LOK’ within their product name. The main manufacturers encourage users of the product type to not inter-change different products. It’s considered as sacrilege to combine parts from various producers. It should be realized that, using the possible exception of two manufacturers, all bar none derive from exactly the same original design. (Exactly the same inventor then continued to create an additional two versions from the original design, the 2 exceptions pointed out formerly.) Interchangeability within this method is really marketed like a positive by a few companies. Individuals same companies quite frequently offer part number mix referencing within their product literature.

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