Some investigation through the Commonwealth Bank around australia demonstrated that just 47% of small company proprietors come with an exit strategy for example selling their business. Of individuals by having an exit strategy, 22% meant to just close their doorways and leave. The report also stated that 60% of economic proprietors intending to close shop continue to be positively re-investing profits back to their business.

Not just that, exactly the same survey report also reflected that 1 / 2 of these business proprietors will work 50 plus hrs each week.

Another article that demonstrated some statistics originated from smart company an internet business publication which printed an investigation conducted by Pitcher Partners, an accountant, also located in Australia.

Pitcher Partners discovered that the typical chronilogical age of small company proprietors is 55 many 81% of these intend to retire within the next 10 years. However, 75% of these didn’t have business exit strategy.

In another survey, the Cameron Research Group demonstrated than only 10% of small company proprietors were built with a documented succession plan. Another 44% had considered succession but didn’t have plan and up to 50 % or 46% hadn’t given any considered to succession. Only 15% of small company proprietors planning to exit their business within the next 5 years were built with a documented succession plan.

At one level, this can be a tragedy waiting to occur. Inside a couple of years time, there will always be of unhappy business proprietors.

Sadly, it is a tragedy already. This can be a ‘problem’. There are plenty of people running their companies without exit strategies organized – and they’ll want to get away from it sooner or later, but, sadly, they posess zero plan regarding how to do that.

Actually, these statistics are not only seen highly relevant to Australia. John Warrillow, author of “Created to Sell” quoted there are roughly 23 million companies within the U . s . States and just a couple of hundred 1000 can sell their company every year.

Which means, for each small business operator who results in a business that somebody tends to buy, there are approximately 100 companies that do not sell.

And, this is actually the same business scenario for brand new Zealand, Uk and Canada.

Generate income view it, there’s huge potential for several sadness among business proprietors all around the globe who eventually may wish to sell their business – but might be unable to – or will not get much for his or her business once they are available to market it.

Not getting an exit strategy, working greater than 50 hrs each week, reinvesting profits back to a company you might finish up leaving from… Existence around the business owner’s treadmill isn’t necessarily fun, despite the way it may turn to others, as well as your employees.

Believing that the only method out would be to leave in the finish without getting something over a salable asset… That’s very heartbreaking.

So, when’s the best time – or the optimum time – to begin caring for your exit strategy? If you do not “start with the finish in your mind”, a minimum of start planning it about 2 yrs before you need to exit.

The web site good business exit along with a heart-breaking business exit is the choice. Your company freedom is the choice. Actually, it is all about creating better choices for better choices. Try not to let it rest until it’s far too late.