Trade shows are like a packed house, and your booth is one of the hundreds of trade show displays competing for a limited number of customers and prospects. So, how do you stand out from the crowd? While the ‘message’ you intend to pass and the structure of booth go a long way in grabbing the attention of show attendees, one of the crucial and commonly ignored aspects of exhibit design is lighting.

Think of LED lighting as more than just a source of light. If you have been keen on the nature of the population of trade show attendees and to a certain extent the decision makers, you must have realized that more and more millennials are showing up. This is the reason marketers have been changing trade show displays to offer what these young, innovative, and tech-savvy people need.

Studies show that by 2020, 46% of the workforce will be millennials, who are currently or will be decision makers. Generation Z will just be joining the workforce as influencers or junior marketers. These two generations grew up in front of screens and have developed an ingrained relationship with this form of fast-paced information dissemination.

This is the main reason LEDs, and dynamic graphics have become a common trend in the trade show industry. Here are the reasons to use the dynamic graphics of LED and why they are more effective in trade shows.

They create a lasting impact

A larger number of trade show attendees will tell at least six more people about their experience. Millennials and Generation Z are good at engaging with fast-paced information. That means a larger number of your booth visitors will get bored if you used static graphics particularly ones with large blocks of text.

They’re catchy (and not just pretty)

The amazing light and movement created by dynamic graphics send light signals through the customer’s or prospect’s eyes and to the brain. This causes the involuntary response to turning towards the source of the light. Indeed, this is similar to looking towards a great flash of light or a moving object in your peripheral vision.

Engage and inform

The trade show industry is shifting towards an experiential design. LED and dynamic graphics are an effective way of enhancing your brand experience. Use them to attract the right audience and pass your brand message.

Before you use LEDs in your trade show display design, it’s advisable to think through how you want to use them to get out of them. Here are more tips.

  • Use larger LEDs to grab attention from a larger area within the trade show field. Studies show that big LEDs create a lasting impact.
  • Content is always the king when it comes to the use of LED technology. You can display various messages, but your content must be well-thought out. It must be clear and displayed in a logical order.
  • Opt for booth design and layout that allows a large number of people to see whatever message you’re passing.

When designed and used in the right way, LEDs can bring a big difference in the impression and impact your brand creates during trade shows.