Psychological studies have determined that people become 50% less efficient when forced to juggle several assignments simultaneously, but your receptionists, call handlers, and IT staff are relied upon to do just that each and every day. Having a workforce that is able to multitask and balance a myriad of concurrent responsibilities is critical to the success of any entity, no matter how many departments or employees are in the hierarchy.

Therefore, regardless of whether you have recently instituted a private-sector business, or you have been managing a firm in the commercial arena for many years, you have to understand that your internal and external communications represent the most consequential aspects of your brand and fiscal outlook.

Critical Statistics Concerning Customer Service

According to several prominent market research organisations, such as Walker Info, Rightnow Technologies, and Bain, customer service departments and call handling divisions are no longer afterthoughts in the commercial and corporate sectors:

  • Within the next two years, customer service will overtake cost and quality as the most important differentiator between two competing companies. The client experience continuum is now more impactful than ever before.
  • Less than five percent of disgruntled clients will actually take the time to inform the company of why they’re harbouring negative feelings; more than 90% will simply shift over to a competitor’s service offerings and never return.
  • Early three out of every four customers attribute their fondness of a particular brand to the accessibility, responsiveness, and helpfulness of their help line or call centre.
  • From a financial perspective, you might like to know that boosting your customer retention rate by a mere five percent can create a massive 125 percent surge with regard to your annual revenues; keeping your clients will essentially allow you to keep more of your money.
  • There are several million privatised companies situated in the United Kingdom, and many of these firms depend on web-based sales and internet services to remain solvent, but nearly 50 percent of first-time clients prefer using a telephone to establish the initial channel of communication with a local business.

Fortunately for you, you can enrich your customer service processes and slash your overhead expenses at the same time by reaching out to an acclaimed telephone answering service, such as Message Direct.

Reshaping the Very Essence of Call Handling

When a current client, prospective consumer, partner, or supplier calls your company line, you’ll be able to depend on an experienced, highly proficient panel of virtual receptionists to respond to the inquiry in the blink of an eye.

This increasingly sought-after service will liberate a significant portion of your operating costs and enable you to bolster your customer relationships, not to mention the fact that remote call handlers can also contribute logistical support and coordinate data on your company platforms.

The only difference between a virtual receptionist and an in-house secretary is the cost. A professional phone answering service can be had for pennies on the dollar, so get in touch with a respected provider sooner rather than later.